Warzone: Stixus.


PART I: Legal Stuff

This is a Warhammer 40,000 fan comic. It is parody. It is satire. It is a celebration of a game and fictional universe that has inspired me and enriched my life, helped me make lasting friendships and proven time and again, that no 6 sided dice, new or old, likes me for long.  This comic in NO WAY challenges any copyright or intellectual property held by Games Workshop or any other PC game or tabletop game that it might mention or otherwise elude to. Its here for the sole purpose of entertainment, not profit.  Opinions and such expressed are that of the creator are not to be associated with Games Workshop.  No images or art may be reproduced for profit or otherwise. The creator would also appreciate that any sharing online be done so with permission and with the knowledge that they may be not used to generate revenue of any kind.

PART II: Personal Stuff

If you are a fan of science fiction/fantasy , and especially the Warhammer 40,000 universe, I hope you enjoy this work.  I have made these with a 20+ year love of gaming and the grimdark future created by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000.  That said, the content within are my own.

If it were a movie, I'd rate it PG-13 to R. If it were tv, it's be TV:MA. There will be adult language and situations. And violence. Though the only nudity will likely be naked Grot bums and the like. It will be irreverant. It might be cynical. It might even be timely, from time to time. It may even have unpopular opinions

If you find yourself "triggered", easily offended, uptight, nauseated, or uncomfortable in any other way, I am sorry for your condition.... but the internet is a big, wide universe of its own and you can kindly move along. There are plenty of unicorn kittens with butterfly wings out there for you.  In short..... its fun, its satire, its parody. Lighten up, Francis

Comments on the comic pages will remain on as long as people are civil. Don't be a dick and ruin it for everyone else. If your life is that empty, just go buy a really big truck. We're here to have some laughs.  If you do end up laughing (which I sincerely hope you do) I am not responsible for any damage to electronics or persons made by spitting out coffee/tea, flying pets or small humans, public embarassment, coughing, seizures, etc,etc.

No animals, humans, aliens, inter-dimensional beings or small children were hurt in the making of this comic. Except those that got close to Penelope. But... ya know, duh ...don't get close to a homicidal cyber-pig. Darwin, ya'll!

Thank you, in advance, for stopping by my little corner of the web.  Please check out my other comics and miniatures as well.


JF Shand.